Letting Love Lead...

Most of us are trying to make life work. But the truth is, life already works. Life is doing fine. It was here before we came, and it'll be here when we're gone. The Game of Life just keeps rolling on. The issue isn't the Game of Life, it's the Game of Love. What we really want to do is bring more loving into our lives.

Note that I said more loving, not love. There's nothing wrong with love. Love is the essence, the core, the harmony within us, the prime mover of our lives. But loving is love in action. Love comes alive when it is shared with others. The more it is shared, the more dynamic it becomes.

Loving is constantly in motion - experiencing, expressing, giving. The loving nature doesn't just say, "I am love", while doing nothing. Being loving is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. There is nothing in your life - or anyone else's - that loving cannot heal.

Loving is an inner momentum towards health, wealth, and happiness.

                                                                          - John-Roger "Momentum: Letting Love Lead"